Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Life is crazy

In the past 8 months I haven't posted a damn thing. Although I've been busy doing a lot of different things. I got a couple grand and spent it all on food and other things that I can't account for. Got in trouble with the law which is a story of laziness. Won the championship for that basketball team I was coaching which was pretty awesome. I traveled across the tri-state area and went to Philly for a festival as well as Boston. Was supposed to go to Florida for a vacation but those plans fell through seeing as a family member (My four year old sister) was going to get surgery while i was away so i decided to stay back. I also lost weight making me a grand total of 165 lbs. Which isn't shit and makes me feel extra skinny and weak. But that should be ending soon. I've had a lot to deal with in the past month making me feel the same way I did when i first got this job, and it's driving me mad. I need to get back to working out, eating healthy and enjoying myself. I start school again on the 27th and i really have not progressed at all. I feel like i'm still taking the same classes that I was my first semester which is weird.

It's funny that just writing this all down makes me feel a bit more calm and at peace with myself. Guess I'll be on here more.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


They told me today that we'll be splitting the boys basketball team into varsity and junior varsity. It's what i wanted to do from the beginning but now it's a sure deal. I'll be coaching the jv by myself instead of being assistant for varsity. So that's good, a little nervous though because i've never coached a team by myself before. It's going to be a great experience to go through. Friday is our first cut. We've already cut a few people for sure just because of their skill, attendance and attitude. I really hope I teach these kids some good.


Don't get paid till after christmas. Shit is ridiculous. December 30 i will have a very large paycheck though. I'm gonna give ma a couple hundred and start on this whole wardrobe do-over. I really can't wait till i get some money though. It's going to be realllll good for a change.


Breakfast is probably my favorite part of the day. I never was too sure on why. I think it's cause it's the first meal of the day and i love to eat, plus i'm happy as hell to still be alive. Breakfast is freaking awesome. Pancakes, French Toast, Eggs fried or boiled or in a basket. There are alot of different things you can eat for breakfast and i love them and make them all. I'm a morning person.

Monday, December 12, 2011


I don't feel that super panic that i used to get when i awake in the morning. My days are much more relaxed now. I can just sit and relax when i wake up. No more rushing to a bullshit job to get bullshit pay, and deal with bullshit people. Working at the after school program is probably one of the best things that has ever happened. They pay me about triple what i was making at Bloomingdales for less than half the work. It feels great. Plus the people there are mad chill. Coaching a middle school basketball team is also fun as hell. I went back to the gym today, hadn't been there since i got sick back in november. When i did my first set of pull ups i was ready to go back home but by the time i got half way through my workout i was trying the think of more things i can do to stay there. That euphroia that you feel when you work your body really hard is mainly what has been keeping me sane. It felt so good to be back in there working out. I plan on going back tomorrow and getting another good workout in .But for now sleep is needed. I should put a picture on this thing too. That would be good.